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“Do you believe the rumors? Kalak dead? The slaves freed?”
“Keep your wits traveler, we’ll see soon enough…”

In the courts of the other city-states, rumors of Kalak’s overthrow are only whispered, but in Tyr the repercussions howl through the streets. Nobles and merchants clamor for influence while commoners and freed slaves openly celebrate, challenging civic authority and social boundaries at every turn. The remaining Templar struggle to keep the city-state from disintegrating into anarchy at the hands of people eager to enjoy their freedom.

As the Festival of the Soaring Sun nears and the impossible news sweeps through the region, a growing number of curious travelers begin to arrive at the Caravan Gate where guards record the names of foreign visitors and their purpose in coming to the city…


Whether a native of Tyr or entering the Free City for the first time, use the Character Primer and Ecology of Athas when creating a character.

Main Page

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