Descended from the union of human and dwarf, they have the stature, agility, and mental flexibility of humankind, coupled with the physical resilience and endurance of dwarves.

Ability Score Increase- Your Constitution score increases by 2 and two other ability scores of your choice both increase by 1.

Age- Mul live similar lifespans to dwarves, reaching relative maturity in their 20s and living around 70 years.

Size- Taller than either parent, Mul reach a towering 7 feet tall and weigh up to 260 pounds. Your Size is Medium.

Speed- Your base movement speed is 30 feet. Your movement is not slowed by heavy armor.

Darkvision- You have darkvision out to a range of 60 feet.

Mul Resilience- You have advantage on saving throws against poison, and you have resistance against poison damage.

Tireless- You only need to sleep for 6 hours once every three days, instead of once every 24 hours. You also have advantage on Constitution saves against exhaustion.

Languages- You can speak, read, and write Common.

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