Character Primer

Unique Races:
The Half-orc and Gnome races are extinct on Athas, replaced by the Mul and Thri-kreen

Social Order:
Choose a background from the PHB reflective of your status in the society of Athas.

Nobility- choose Noble or Sage
Free Citizen- Guild Artisan or Entertainer
Slave- Criminal or Urchin
Nomad- Outlander or Hermit

Weapon Breakage:
Metal ore is not plentiful on Athas. Alternative materials such as insect chitin, lacquered bone or wood edged with obsidian are commonly substituted.

When you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll with a non-metal melee weapon it has a chance to break. You can accept the result, automatically missing the attack as usual but keeping your weapon intact. Alternatively, you can re-roll the attack and allow your weapon to break. Regardless of the re-roll result, once the attack is complete a broken weapon is treated as an improvised weapon.


Ecology of Athas
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Character Primer

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